The Gestapo headquarter is a secret office run by senior officer Otto Flick. Its location is a secret dungeon, at Rue de Gangoine 32, presumably in central Nouvion. Tthe lower part of the dungeon have a cellar with a contraption inside to lower the roof, for interrogation and torturing[1].

Development Edit

Many of the Gestapo operation are seen planned by Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen in these premises. The location is also used for the romantic meetings and affairs of Helga Geerhart and Otto Flick.

Herr Otto Flick once prisoned Von Strohm, Geering and Rene Artois in order to interrogate and get information and whereabouts of the painting of The Fallen Madonna[1].

Notice Edit

  • The location referred to as the dungeon in Allo Allo may be ambiguous. Engelbert Von Smallhausen refer it as a part of the Gestapo headquarters, while in the same scene earlier Helga Engelbert say its a part of the Chateau. Either there are two separate dungeons or the Gestapo headquarters are at the same location (in the underground) as the Chateau.

Reference Edit

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